Used Equipment
Manufacturer Description
Juki DDL8500 single needle, position, trim
Juki LK-1854, Tacker 21 Stitch
Juki LZ-2281 Zig Zag
Juki MB373BR1- Button sew with robot
Juki MBH180 Buttonhole
Juki MOJ-3916, 5 Thread Top Safety
Mitsubishi PLK-0804 Programable Tacker
Pegasus EX3215-42, 5 Thread Top Safety W/Shirring
Pegasus EX3216-02/233 Safety Stitch 5 X 5
Pegasus FS-603 Flatlock
Pegasus W562-02
Pegasus WW664-08ACX364UT
Reece 101 Buttonhole
Reece 104-200 Buttonhole
Union Special 31200Q-16 Tape machine
Union Special 35700CP-8 Feed off the arm
Union Special 35800DR Feed off the Arm
Union Special 36200AA Flatlock
Union Special 39500QW 4 thread mock safety
Union Special 51500BV-1/4
Union Special 51700BU-1 1/4 with puller
Union Special 51800CB 4 needle
Union Special 54300K Picoetta
Union Special 56300F Single needle chainstitch

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